Common URL Pattern

When architecting with domains, services and URLs this pattern¬†seems to come round a lot, but I’ve never heard of it being given a formal name or description:

protocol. service. env. example. com / product

I will call it the Common URL Pattern. In a real-world scenario it would resolve to something like: Here is the same pattern again but this time expressed by throwing some UML around.

UML diagram showing each part embedded inside it's parent
Common Url Pattern

And finally by way of explanation, some comments on the parts.

protocol Underlying transport layer such as https, smtp
service Shared across a technology stack: www, mail, api, db
environment Instances of the stack with functional variation, e.g. test, dev
domain Identifier in the Internet namespace: a.b.c
product A website or application that handles end-user interaction, e.g. /blah

It seems like a fairly adaptable model that can be applied to a large number of websites and web-based applications.

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