Install Apache and make a web page

To make a web page you need both a web server and a text editor. The webserver we’re going to use is Apache. There are lots of choices for a text editor but many web developers use Text Pad.

  • Install Text Pad from here

  • Apache is bit more complicated
  • The full instructions are here, but they are fairly detailed.

  • These are probably a friendlier place to start.

    We’re going to run Apache on localhost. This is a special name for a computer that let’s us access our own machine as if it were a server. On localhost Apache can only send pages to one computer, but that’s ok because it’s all we need for development.

  • Install Apache as above, then type
  • http://localhost/ in your browser

    Once our website is built the files will be transferred to another Apache that will serve the page onto the Internet.

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