Amusing Our Leader

My friend and I were discussing cats, dogs and how they adapt themselves to human families as if we humans were animal packs. While much has been said about dogs and the alpha male, my friend was telling me about a new theory concerning cats. Apparently our behavior towards cats engenders them to consider themselves as pack leader. With this freshly in mind I came across Ruben (my youngest) grimacing at our largest cat Kovu. Ruben wasn’t just grimacing, he had his little fingers rammed into both corners of his mouth which was pulled taut with a waggling tongue in the middle. His eyes were rolling around like dishes and his head was waving from side-to-side. I asked him why he was pulling faces at the cats. Ruben jumped up and down, and round and around for a bit and then squeaked “to make them laugh of course” and resumed his facial postures. I looked at Our Leader. He was not amused.

Web logs and fallen trees

A tree near my house has fallen and blocked one of our favorite footpaths. Time to get the chainsaw out :-). Things were going well until the saw suddenly stopped dead with the chain pinched tight by the stricken branch. Hmm. After getting angry and swearing had failed I realised that the saw was going to have to be freed by a smaller, hand saw. I felt the humiliation of the bigger saw. Like a mighty and powerful minister trapped in a doorway, he could do nothing but roar and wait while civil servants lowered floorboards and trimmed joists. Everyone needs friends, even the big and powerful.

Sales Sharks and Cardiff Blues

Today I took my eldest son to see Cardiff beat Sale (34-19) in what was apparently a must-win game at Ninian Park. I’m not a rugby fan although I did feel a brief confusion of loyalties. Sale is next to my birth town (Stockport) and Cardiff is where I have made my home. When Cardiff scored first I decided that where you are is better than where you’ve been.

The biggest cheer came from a pitch invasion by a man dressed as a badger.

The beginning!

Last night I saw John Ashley Long play some amazing double-bass with the Miles Davis Tribute band. His technique made me think of Scott La Faro. His classical background was evident mainly in the solo on Footprints (and because he had a C extension). Nice to see so many people at Cafe Jazz, particularly on a snowy night in Cardiff.