Login to CAS using Python

CAS is a protocol for implementing Single-Sign-On authentication services
Python is a programming languages often used to develop web applications

To protect a Python generated web page with a CAS session a client of the CAS server has to be added to the logic of the page. Users accessing the protected page are prompted to login unless a session already exists in their browser. There are many CAS clients written in Python and this blog is a review of them. Leave a reply if any are missing and I will take a look. cas_max_logo_0

Most CAS clients are written in the context of a Python framework. Django is one of the most popular, so we’ll start there.

The original client for django supported CAS protocols 1 and 2. Ming Chen’s client inherits from the above and added support for version 3. The same author provides some Python CAS utils for testing. Another CAS client for Django is also derived from the original client but did not add support for version 3. Jerome Leleu is that author of the pac4j Java client and provides a python demo  also based on the original. Although not a client of CAS, it’s worth mentioning that Jason Bittel has a server implementation of the CAS protocol that runs on Django.

Another Python framework is Flask and Flask-CAS is a client for that framework. The client for Twisted looks like an incomplete effort at both a client and server.

Kellen’s client is for the lightweight bottle.py framework. Bottle.py can be either Python version 2 or 3. This client was written for Python 2.7.

The remaining clients in this review are designed to work in either a CGI or WSGI context.

Ian Wright has a fairly recent client that support protocol 2, 3 and Python version 3. It is designed for an Apache context. The earliest client (2011) seems to be by Jon Rifkin and runs as a Python CGI Web app (although the install failed for me). Ryan Fox has a package of the Rifkin client for pip installers. This client can also be found adapted for WSGI and embedded in a PriceHistory project. And for completeness here is link to an ancient version that looks best forgotten.


The client that worked for me was Kellen’s client which installed easily with pip. Having a working bottle.py installation was the biggest factor influencing my choice. Ian Wright’s client was next in line and for someone with a working Django environment then the Ming Chen version looks good.

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