Getting a bit better at blogging

My written thoughts are scattered all over the place. Here are my user

As I blogger I want to
– keep ideas/thoughts in the cloud, i.e. distributed
– have a single process/store for Work, Family and Music
– continue to use Vim as the editor
– have the blog running on my own domain at

By blog I mean something that is text and written by me.
This diagram shows the activities that go into making a me blog.

blog activity diagram

*Putting it into practise*

So I found this plugin for Vim called Blogit that doesn’t quite fit all my use-cases but it does look good.
I tried to install Blogit:
but the Mac Vim doesn’t come with Python.
Ok so I’ll use the Linux Vim but that has this bug:

Error detected while processing .vim/plugin/blogit.vim:
line 1781:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 9, in ?
ImportError: cannot import name CalledProcessError
Press ENTER or type command to continue

So I think I should upgrade Vim 7.0 to Vim 7.2

Download the Vim 7.2 source and now I have this other error. And like the poster to Vim support I have a term library ):

# locate libterm

So I went back to the use-case and started looking at the XMLRPC part.
This did the trick. She’s a good ‘ol Perl!

And now I’m going to try and use it for the first time. If you can read this
then it probably worked (:

Well it did, but the activity diagram got mangled, hmm ..

I still find WordPress a complete pain to use as an editor, but at least this helped.

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