How to make a media player

I was looking for a little project to keep me busy over Christmas and decided to have a look at organising the contents of /home/media. The media directory on my Red Hat Linux box holds:

3523 audio files
595 video files

It got called jplayer because its for private use (by the johnsons) and j follows i and the flash player I used is called jwplayer.

Some top-level ideas

  • Things should be bookmark-able
  • Editing and managing meta-data had to be possible during playback.
  • And some of the RESTful ideas that are running around from my day job should find their way into the design.

In the end it was made using: Perl, MySQL, Apache (XSSI), Javascript including SWFobject, Flash (JWplayer) and CSS. My background is in Perl and database so the challenges were going to be in the javascript and CSS. Here is a step-through the process of creating and playing a media file.

On the command line use


to make an input file. Looks like this:


And then use curl to upload those entries to the database using an HTTP PUT

$ curl -T .avlib http://localhost/cgi-bin/
added 3 rows ok

To start playing the files I have to use a browser and enter a search phrase. An onClick() event creates an Ajax call to the web service. It looks like jplayer/?q=morcheeba

The output from the web service produces a list.

<a href="/jplayer/?playlist=/audio/morcheeba">morcheeba</a>
<div class="summary"></div>
<div class="small">audio/mpeg</div>

Results are piped through a pager so you scroll through 5 items at a time. Selecting an item from the search results loads a new page (to get the bookmark) and displays the playlist. In this context a playlist is just all the files in a folder. Each file has a link that will load the movie into the player and displayer the meta-data in a webform. For example:

<a href=""
onclick="loadSWF( '/audio/morcheeba','shoulder_holster.mp3' , 'jwplayer');
updateForm( '/audio/morcheeba','shoulder_holster.mp3');
return false;">shoulder_holster>/a>

Playback is controlled through the Flash object. Once the meta-data is updated an Ajax calls generates a POST to send the new data to the server.

The web service

PUT /path/to/avfile
200 returns text summary of new rows added
400 returned zero rows

POST a set of REQUEST VARIABLES representing an item
200 returns string saying 'thanks'

GET ?q=Search+String
200 returns a paginated list of playlists matching string

200 returns data items as a web form

no parameters displays name and version

The Perl uses the HTML::Template module to create the presentation layer and the DBI modules to access the MySQL. Otherwise it’s hand-written, even the CGI functions (I was surprised that didn’t help do the PUTs).

Data schema

CREATE TABLE playlist (
pk_pldir varchar(255) NOT NULL,
playlist varchar(127) NOT NULL,
mimetype char(23) NOT NULL,
summary varchar(1023),
PRIMARY KEY (pk_pldir)

pk_pldiravfile varchar(255) NOT NULL,
fk_pldir varchar(255) NOT NULL,
avfile varchar(255) NOT NULL,
title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
duration int(4),
thumbnail varchar(127),
PRIMARY KEY (pk_pldiravfile)

CREATE TABLE pldir__tag (
pk_pldirtag varchar(255) NOT NULL,
fk_pldir varchar(255) NOT NULL,
tag varchar(63) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (pk_pldirtag)

Web client

There are 3 main areas of the page.

  1. banner and search box
  2. SWF player window and playlist panel
  3. search results OR html form to update playlist metadata

I don’t have a server to host jplayer on tinternet, but here’s a screen grab:


To do

  • Currently I’m using AVS to convert movies FLV. Have upgraded ffmpeg 0.5 and would prefer to use ffmpeg for scripting
    • a series of thumbnails (or if audio use album art or an icon)
    • calculate the duration
  • Improve search by filtering through audio or video


JW Player
HTML playlist
SWF Object

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