On the dangers of afternoon naps

On Sunday I mowed the lawn in the new house.
After that I had to take anti-hystamine, due to the pollen.
Feeling extremely drowsy I crashed out on the sunlounger in the garden.
In my sleep I dreamt about the last time that I took anti-hystamine.
This was last summer, when we went canoeing and I fell asleep in the canoe.
But in my dream this was due to natives on the riverside firing tranquilisers through blowpipes.
And somehow I mixed this up with what my son had said about a bush in the garden.
A bush in the garden that was next to the sunlounger where I was sleeping.
A bush in the garden that had .. what was it again, a nest of insects?
I awoke with a start in a cloud of wasps.
One of them had just stung me in the arm.
But it didn’t hurt too much, because anti-hystamine is also a form of insect repellent.

I moved the sunlounger and went back to sleep 🙂

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