bella, bella, bella

When my phone rang for the fourth time I knew something was up. So once I’d escaped a work-discussion about publishing image pyramids I phoned home. Sure enough there was a crisis. Nelson had taken Bella outside and now she was lost.

Bella the dog
Bella the dog

After much panic Bella was discovered INSIDE-THE-NEXT-DOOR-NEIGHBOURS-HOUSE. It turned out later that Bella had sneaked inside while Clare (our neighbour) had been unpacking and chatting with another neighbour. After the discovery, Clare was contacted and kindly cut-short a shopping trip to return home and release the imprisoned pooch.

As Clare explained later, there were thirty-five chocolates in the bag. The girls had had two, that’s one each leaving thirty-three for Bella plus various sherbert dips and packets of refreshers. All the sweets were gone, wrappers and all. I think Bella is expecting us to take her shopping next week.

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